In El Carmen Cervecería, we invite you to enjoy delicious breakfasts that will conquer your palate from the first bite. Our team strives to give you a unique experience, merging tradition with the freshness of local ingredients.

Tapas without supplement, an explosion of flavors on every visit!

Let yourself be surprised by our selection of tapas that raise the gastronomic experience, without additional charges.

The best way to share unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones!

Fresh fish lover?

In El Carmen Cervecería, we are proud to offer you the best of our coasts on every dish. Discover the freshness and incomparable quality of our marine products, ensuring a culinary experience that will transport you directly to the sea.

Short of exceptional rice?

We prepare them to suit you! Make your order and let us surprise you with the mastery of our chefs in the elaboration of rice conquering the senses.

Unique flavors that will transport you to the authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

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