CEIP Al-Bayyana

Coop College. Al-Bayyana is fully aware of the importance of affective and social development at this stage and the need for children of these ages to receive the safety and affection they need to advance in all aspects.

The development of this affective level is one of our primary objectives.

Work is also done: Gestual and oral communication systems in order to achieve proper development. The knowledge, relationship and expression of both the child's own body and the girl's own body, as well as its relation to the outside world (games, psychomotor activities, etc.). We pay special attention to the development of cognitive processes, working on the stages marked by Piaget and Vigotsky. Since very young children approach basic mathematical learning (color discrimination, sizes and forms, grouping of certain properties, etc.) to gradually achieve more abstract concepts.


Primary education at Coop College. Al-Bayyana is proposed as a stage in which, in addition to acquiring a solid basis for later learning, the integral training of the pupil should be developed to the maximum. This training includes social, intellectual and psychological aspects, without forgetting the very important affective aspects of children of these ages. We consider it as a fundamentally educational stage, in the broadest sense of the word.


One of the fundamental resources available to the College to achieve the above-mentioned objectives is the differential Pedagogy. On the basis of the principle “as far as possible, separated as necessary”, the College establishes, in the so-called instrumental subjects (Language, Mathematics and English) differentiated groups in function, not of the abilities of the students, but according to their APTITUDES. This allows, apart from a lower teacher/teacher ratio, a personalized teaching where students are offered personal solutions to their problems with certain subjects. The aim is for students to reach the ESO Graduate at a level as homogeneous as possible.