CEIP Juan de Orea

Our Center was opened in February of 1978.

The first complete academic year was 1.978-79. At that time it was a school of Basic General Education (EGB) attending to the children of the neighborhood of the Doscientas Viviendas and surroundings. Subsequently, in the year 1.984 he was added the first units of Preescolar, which we now call Children, being in 1.986 when the building that currently houses the teachings of this level was built.

At first, the school was equipped with a laboratory, library, and even a greenhouse. Over time they have been transformed into classrooms the first two, and in the playground of the last one.

In the course of 1.998-99, we cease to be an EGB school to become a Primary and Infant Education Centre (CEIP), with the consequent march to the new secondary school of 7th and 8th students. With them were some teachers who were in our center for many years, leaving a deep mark behind them.

Our students have always been nourished by children around the school. Later, students were added from the Guadix area and later children from immigrant families of African origin began to arrive at a first time and later in Eastern Europe.

Thus we arrive at the current course, with the challenge of responding to a social situation very different from that of our beginnings, and in continual transformation.