CEIP Las Lomas

It was the year of the Lord, 1965, when the Lomas of the Port was only a land, more like an abandoned secano, than anything else. But one day architects, couplers, masons and machinery began to arrive and the peace of the place was changing in turmoil. At the end of a few years it emerged in those places, a huge mole, shaped like and Greek, three patios and some aneja dependencies...

In January 1971, it was inaugurated as “Las Lomas” National College in Roquetas, which initially depended on the “Virgen del Rosario” College. I arrived on September 1, 1971, coming from The Heads of St John and I was marveled at so much beauty and grandeur (it came to have in school, more than a thousand students). There I decided to spend a few years of my life (I have been thirty-nine years) to fulfill my vocation.

This school was performed by the builder D. Tomas Baeza Grancha who made it aware, because it was really very good. He had two porches covered and in them, with the authorization of the Ministry, between Fathers and Masters, we closed them and in one he made a gym and in the other a hall of acts and a very good workshop of Pretechnology. The first years, in summer it was used for School Colonies and these seafarers we brought children from the mountains...

As it was a Comarcal College, six school transports arrived to us daily with nearly four hundred students and the Centre's dining room was used by six hundred diners in two turns of three hundred. In our College a lot of extracurricular activities were carried out, such as Bicycle Day (which was born there), Cruz de Mayo, Saturday excursions to Granada, Nerja, Calar Alto, Cartagena, etc. And in 1989 we organized a sports tournament at the county level, with football, tennis, basketball, basketball, chess and others, being a total success and where more than two thousand students from all this Poniente region participated.

As for the human level, our center counted (and currently counts) with the best professionals, we become considered the best College in the province and be the envy of many. Among others it is a satisfaction to remember D. Gabriel, Dña. Gema and Josefina, Dña. María Dolores, D. Juan Molina, D. Domingo, D. Ramón, D. Juan José, the Isabel and Alicia sisters and a very long way etc. that would fill us many more pages. There have been two Masters who died at this time, D. Juan Carlos (who was director) and D. Nicolas, who are sure to give us a shot from time to time, from the heights.

At present we have a great Steering Team, teachers and teachers (the strip...) about eight hundred and fifty children of thirty and so many nationalities, concierge, kitchen staff and secretariat monitor, help monitors for disabled students, cleaning staff and so among all we are pulling forward so that the rudder of this great teacher's ship does not lose course.