CEIP Llanos de Marín

The C.E.I.P. Llanos de Marín was born in 1976, being the continuation of the Old Schools of Cortijos de Marín that taught up to 4th of the former EGB, being transported from 9 years to the school of Las Lomas. The new center, the current one, gives way to the vertiginous demographic growth of the time and currently imparts the teachings of Ed. Kids, Ed. Primary and Ed. Secondary (First cycle). The current number of students is 503 and 36 teachers.

As for the students, in the beginning they are part of regional approaches, teaching the students of the neighborhood, and, thanks to the dining room of direct management and the school transport, niñ@s de los Llanos de Vícar, Cañada Sebastiana, Barrio Archilla, La Canal, Cortijo Los Morenos, Barrio Joaquinico, Zona Rocalla and a multitude of cortijos of the area, because before it was the houses very common. These areas built their own schools and the centre is currently nourished by the students of the neighborhood, essentially. We have hundreds and hundreds of photos that are at the disposal of tod@s those that you want to relive hearty memories, because unfortunately, because of the current privacy policy it is impossible to hang these images on the website.

With respect to the modifications of the spaces of the center, a small timetable should be shown, to great strokes.

1. The central building is the same, but the subsequent modifications have been complementing the center we currently have.

2. Taking advantage of the spaces on the bottom floor that became classrooms and hall of acts.

3. Internal Modifications with Library Transfers, Computer Classroom,...

4. Creation of the Aularios de Música (initially Ed classes. Three-year-olds.

5. Construction and closing of multi-sport tracks in the large “Chinese” space.

6. Construction of the warehouse of material, costumes and stalls.

7. Conditioning (soil, fence and paint) of small tracks.

8. Conditioning of the front space (cementation, elimination of the old children's park, conditioning of the outer stage space.

9. Construction of the new Aulario de Educación Infantil (6 units plus meeting spaces and playground).

10. Construction of the gym (too small).

11. Removal of architectural barriers (shoots in central and post-center entrance), construction of annex module with lift and exit/emergency steps.

12. As well as the other internal and external improvements that, with the collaboration of the various management teams of the centre and the AMPAs, have been developed.

More difficult to review and evaluate is the analysis of the staff of the center, since certain ignorance, possible subjectivity and painful forgetfulness, we always remember the last, makes it difficult to cite the contributions of so many teachers who have left their teachings in the neighborhood. To all of them, thanks and we hope to build this section in more detail so that the memory of tod@s is manifested on this website that begins and to which all its initial pages are missing, some yellow for the time.

From here we want to encourage how many people can bring recent, old and almost forgotten elements of that little story that they were building and that have legated us. We remain outstanding and in debt.