Are you a lover of fresh pasta? Are you passionate about the artisan pizzas and the Roman Pinsas? Then you can't miss The Italian Fridge! Our passion for Italian cuisine is reflected in every dish we serve.

In the Italian Fridge, we produce fresh pasta in a handmade way, ensuring quality and freshness in each bite. Our Italian chefs prepare each pasta with a waiter, using traditional recipes that will transport you directly to Italy.

You prefer pizzas? In The Italian Fridge, we offer you a wide variety of artisanal pizzas, prepared to taste. From the classic Margherita to more innovative options, we are sure you will find the perfect pizza to satisfy your Italian craving.

But that's not all, other of our specialties is the Roman Pinsa! A real delight for lovers of good dough, with a crispy and tasty base that will surprise you.

In addition, we offer daily tastings so you can try different options and discover new flavors in each visit.

In the Italian Fridge, we not only offer you food, we offer you an authentic Italian culinary experience.

Come and enjoy the true taste of Italy in each bite!