OSCAR Pizzería Bocatería

Pizzeria-Bocatería Oscar came up with the idea of offering food to carry, considering that our intention has always been to offer a product with an affordable price for all audiences and first of all the quality/cantity ratio.

What seemed crazy because of the difficult situation we started with turned out to be a success, as our initiative was proposed as the perfect alternative for many people who could not afford to go out to dinner to other types of bars or restaurants. And it is because of the confidence our customers have placed in us since we opened (a few years ago) that we continue to offer the best service.

Thanks to the philosophy that defines us, our clientele does not respond to a particular profile. From young people to older people are the ones who decide every day to bet on our products to receive them at home, as the price we offer adapts to all pockets.

Our star products are gas fire snacks and pizzas, which did not take long to cause immediate success, both that has served as a reference to other businesses in the same sector to ensure success.

At Oscar we will continue to try to improve our products and services, being open to all kinds of suggestions. We want to adapt to the current situation and we have a large living room to eat and an excellent home service (we have a maximum of 30 minutes) also very requested by our customers.

Enjoying an excellent kitchen and with sea views in the place are a benchmark of our location. We hope to continue to share many more years with all of you and bearing in mind that our intention will always be to offer the best of our guarantees.

Thanks for continuing to trust the Oscar Pizzeria-Bocatería.