A canine park is a green outdoor fenced area designed for dogs they can walk freely and socialize with other dogs.

In these spaces it is allowed that the canes do not wear a muzzle or strap. However, guides or owners must supervise animals at all times.

Canine parks receive several different names: dog area, canine area, dog park, canine recreation area, etc.

A canine park is much more than a closed enclosure where to let the dogs go. It has to be well conditioned and safe!

Some of the features that a good dog area should have are the following:

Doors must be double for security. In this way, dogs cannot escape.

You must have high fences so the animals can't jump. At least, they have to be 2 meters high.

The space should be wide for dogs not to pile up or get bored.

It is also important that there be trash cans and, if possible, bag dispensers.

You must have suitable sources for dogs to drink.

There should be enough vegetation, as it helps to stimulate the sense of cane smell. It's part of environmental enrichment!

It should also have other environmental elements, such as deniveles, rocks, sand, etc. A pond would be ideal for warm days to cool!

There must be a good light.

There must be banks to sit down.

It's not a PIPICAN

No, it's not the same as a canine park that a pipican. Pipicans are usually smaller spaces with lower fences. This makes more conflicts unlock between dogs.

On the other hand, the pipicans usually accumulate dirt (feces and urine). That is to say, there is a greater risk of becoming a focus of infections.

How do you know?

When walking with your dog through a canine park take into account the following basic recommendations:

Check your pet at all times.

Walk first with your dog before entering the canine park, so it will go more relaxed and relate better.

Check that your pet is not nervous or overwhelmed in the meantime, dog.

Try not to use food inside the park.

Before you pet another dog, ask your owner if you can.

It is advisable not to use toys when there are several dogs, as conflicts may arise.

It is better to be walking with the animal than to remain still at one point. Thus, the dog can socialize better and distract with different elements.

Dog park: benefits of these recreation areas

Dog parks offer many benefits, both for animals and for owners and society at large. These adapted spaces allow the animals to relax and run freely without having to be tied and with the muzzle.

Let's see, then, some of the many benefits of counting in our cities with special recreation areas for dogs.

Promotes the socialization of dogs

In these recreation spaces dogs can relate to each other: run, play, jump, etc. It's so fun to watch them run!

The wider the area, the better. Thus, conflicts are avoided and dogs that do not feel comfortable can follow their path on the other side.

Serve for environmental enrichment

In this type of parks dogs can perceive new smells and stimulate all their senses. They are very useful to enrich your day by day and do not get bored or depressed!

Dogs can walk loose

In the canine parks dogs can investigate on their own and run without the strap. The sense of freedom helps them to release energy and relax.

Dogs can communicate better

Being loose and airy, dogs can develop their entire communication system: visual signs, vocalizations, odors... The strap and the muzzle limit their way of expressing and relating to the environment and other animals.

Guides can also socialize

If you prepare to be a trainer, in these parks you can relate to other people with your own interests and share with them stories about your dogs. You'll have plenty of information and you'll have a good time!

Can be used to practice agility or other canine sports

In many canine parks there are elements and circuits with which aagility training.

In addition, these areas are ideal for practicing other canine sports and for conducting training and education exercises.

Improves coexistence with other people and animals

In these parks dogs can relax, socialize and perform physical exercise. Thanks to this, many behavioral problems can be avoided and coexistence is improved.