Lacalisteniais a system of physical exercises with one's body weight. In this system, interest is in the movements of the muscle chains that make up our body. Etymologically the word comes from the Greekkalos(beautiful) andsthenos(lucky). The objective is to acquire strength, resistance, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility through training with the body weight itself.

In addition to being a training discipline that over time is gaining a lot of popularity in the world offitnessaTime is being considered as a sport.

Discipline may also be consideredOlympic gymnasticsas the sport that laid the basis for which Calistenia would later be, as both disciplines share many similarities both in movements and in trainings to master discipline.

In the ancient world, Calistenia was used as the main source of physical preparation for the military, as it was easy to organize, easy to learn and had the greatest transfer to the real skills and movements that soldiers would need in combat. Something that is actually maintained today for its practicality and contribution to the integral physical power of the troops combined with the above-mentioned benefits

The exercises performed in calistenia are divided into basics (common exercises for the strengthening of muscles), static (advanced exercises that consist in maintaining a same position for some period of time, these require a lot of muscle strength and tendons, mostly a strength in tendons is required so they are more difficult to get (statics) and dynamic (exercise of the advanced body that consist in the movement, apart from strength require great agility and reflexes).