Room 4 MAY 21:00.



The iconic Spanish musician Mikel Izal, known as the former vocalist of the band to which he gave his name, Izal, will perform in an exciting concert at the Auditorium Theatre of Roquetas de Mar on May 4, 2024 at 21:00. This event promises to be a memorable evening for all music lovers of this band that broke molds in festivals throughout the country.

After his successful career with Izal, Mikel has continued his solo career, conquering fans of all ages with his captivating musical style and deep lyrics. This concert, in Roquetas de Mar, is a unique opportunity to experience your talent in an intimate and special environment. It will be the presentation of your solo album ‘The Fear and Paradise’, whose tour will take you all over the country.

The former leader of the Izal group will interpret a repertoire based on his new album that will see the light in November, which will be composed of ten unpublished themes. Some songs that will invite the public to enter a journey of personal discovery for the different emotions and moods that have accompanied the composer in recent years. In addition, in the musical evening you will also offer a selection of songs that have marked your career as a composer in recent years, including Izal songs, a group that put an end to your musical career in October 2022.