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20231215   Comandante Lara





Friday, 15 December at 21:00



Duration: 90 minutes; Age: 16 years old

Don't miss the show of Commander Lara & Cia at the Teatro Capitol Gran Via in Madrid and enjoy a journey full of chascarrilos and laughter with Vicente Ruidos and Jesús Tapia as flight attendees. Sit in your seat and give you the safety instructions so you can make the trip to the country of humor in a fun and simple way. The best journey of your life

A show where you will enjoy a trip where Commander Lara will pilot this adventure with his cabin staff (Vicente Ruidos and Jesús Tapia).

The viewer will sit in his armchair and receive the safety instructions to start the trip to the country of laughter in a fun and simple way, so that all passengers can spend the best trip they remember.

All this with the guarantee of one of the best airlines as is AIR kejöèrsen

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