The Hospital Torrecárdenas was a reality in October 1983, until then we provided health care to this province from the Hospital Virgen del Mar, the Blue Ball, to understand.

Nor did our first steps live as references to provincial health care, Neurosurgery and Pediatric Surgery that were incorporated into the hospital service portfolio in 1995. Vascular surgery joined us in 2000 and Maxillofacial Surgery did it in 2.002.

When we had to move, the greatest known deployment was made until then in our environment. We participated almost 1,000 people, collaborated even the army so that, the only 200 patients who continued to enter, they reached their new location with the best security assurances that could be offered.

We did not all leave, in the Blue Ball, remained, at first, pediatrics, gynaecology and care for childbirth. The rest of us, we went on to provide our services at the new hospital.

In the year of our birth, in 1,984, the competences of Health were transferred to the Autonomous Communities and as a result, from 1,986 we stopped relying on the INSALUD to integrate into the Andalusian Health Service.

During the 1990s we were joined by the other two hospitals of the capital, the Provincial Hospital in 1.991 and the Red Cross Hospital in 1.996, together with the Torrecárdenas Hospital and the Peripheral Center of Specialities Blue Ball, the current Hospital Complex Torrecárdenas.

We weren't as many as now. In 1,991 we had our first expansion to accommodate mental health hospitalization, until then located at the Psychiatric Hospital, which passed into history with the reform carried out in the sector.

Under this annex, the Integral Oncology Service was subsequently incorporated with its sections of external consultations, day hospital and radiation therapy. Our Organ Donation and Transplantation Program officially began in 1996, although before that date some donation had already been made with more motivation than means. We were constantly growing professionals and Services and had no choice but to expand the units.

The ORs were reformed and expanded, the post-surgical resuscitation doubled their capacity and a surgical day hospital was added, the number of beds was expanded with two new areas of hospitalization and all these performances, together with the construction of a new space to expand and unify the hemodialysis, finished drawing the current hospital plane, although we continue to maintain the illusion of being able to incorporate in a very new plane. In parallel to the expansions we were incorporating technological improvements with the acquisition of Magnetic Resonance, Cobalt Pump, Linear Accelerator...

The rest of the hospitals that form the Complex were not left behind and proof of this has been the reconversion of the former Provincial Hospital in the current CARE Nicolás Salmerón and the reform of the Peripheral Center of Specialties in the newly inaugurated CARE Bola Azul.

The latest Services in joining our Portfolio have been Hemodynamics, Nuclear Medicine and Assisted Human Reproduction, with what is completed, at the moment our assistance offer. We are, in total, more than 3,000 professional staff and our reason for being is the well-being and health of the population we care for.