Club Náutico de Aguadulce

As we have already commented on in previous posts, there are a certain number of clubs in the province, usually those that have the greatest solera and trajectory, that have taken the leap to become large sports spaces. Another clear example of this trend we have with the Nautical Club Aguadulce, which has grown to be today a benchmark as a sports center in Aguadulce.

What began as a nautical club in Aguadulce has gone into other sports grounds, following the steps of other major clubs in Almería. Thus, aquatic sports have become just another branch in a trunk that covers other disciplines such as those already used in other paddle or fitness centers and other less currents such as squash or aikido.

On the other hand, throughout the year, a number of sports schools are being held in the Nautical Club of Aguadulce, which in summer extends in number and hosts a large number of children from both this roquetera and other neighbouring towns.

In these heat months, more than 200 small weekys are enrolled in summer sailing schools, paddle, swimming, beach volleyball, kayak, paddle surf, snorkeling, squash or beach football. The offer is complete by the Nautical Club of Aguadulce with the English summer school and also with another of handicrafts. Once the summer is finished, those who remain throughout the season in this so-called school area are those of sailing, paddle and squash.

As a novelty in recent times, the CN Aguadulce presents its tatami area, where it offers aikido classes for minors and adults, whether they are partners or not.

In the nautical area, the members of the nautical club can make use of kayaks, windsurfing boards and paddle surfboards and also light sailing boats. The municipal school of light sailing for partners and non-partners is held on Saturdays, with intensive sailing courses in initiation and improvement in summer.

As for the paddle area, the partners can rent free paddle tracks from which they have the Aguadulce Nautical Club facilities at no cost, having to pay only the use of the light. Also, you can give free paddle lessons in the mornings. The club also offers in this section special classes of paddle.

Another area of activities is squash, where the CN Aguadulce has become one of the main centers in Almeria. Not in vain, there is where all the tests of the Squash Provincial Circuit, among other tournaments as a league for partners and non-partners, and where you can also give special squash classes.

Another of the strengths of this sports center in Roquetas is the fitness area, where in addition to the musculation room and the directed activities can be performed aerobics, step, spinning, pilates, personal training and join the running club in Aguadulce.

The complement to all these sports areas is the social area, in which holidays, meals or celebrations are usually held, such as the arrival of spring or summer. The ludoteca service and accountancy for the smallest of the crew also takes place in this area, where the pool is located and other activities can be carried out such as playing pool, darts or ping pong.