Cofradía Hermandad Nuestra Señora de los Dolores


La Cofradía de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Roquetas de Mar was founded by a group of six local families that in 1988 began to take the steps for Roquetas de Mar to have a brotherhood that tries to recover the activities of the Holy Week.

This group sought help from experts, highlighting among them D. Juan López Martín.


The Virgin of the Dolores first came out in procession in 1991, with the throne still unfinished. The procession was headed by the Ntra banner. Mrs. Dolores. The following year, the brotherhood is rooting and taking shape, the throne comes out much more complete, there are more coasters and goes to the street also the band of Cornetas and Tambores de Roquetas de Mar. There is also a large number of penitents. In that year there were 175 brothers. It also began to take boom and splendor the Virgin's waitress, best known as blankets.

In 1993 the activity of this fellowship increased andHoly WednesdayFor the first time our Father Jesus Nazarene, recovered, is committed. It had to be restored, as it was abandoned and deteriorated. For this image a second throne had already been commissioned, of which the brotherhood had been established to bring out the Christ of Forgiveness (after St. Christ in His Divine Mercy) and the Holy Burial of the Redeemer. The Christ of Forgiveness, who came out on Holy Thursday, left for the last time in procession in 1999.

As a result of the boom that the cofraternity is taking, its heritage and teachings continue to increase. They acquire elements for the thrones, such as silver lamps and the candlestick for the Virgin, and lamps for the Christ. All of these elements were kept in rented premises, so the brotherhood acquires its own headquarters to keep its belongings and to hold meetings, among other acts. The acquisition took place in 1997.

In 1998, the Board of Government decided to acquire its own image: the Stmo. Christ Crucified in His Divine Mercy. This image was much awaited by all the brothers. He was sculpted by the Sevillian imager D. Luis Álvarez Duarte. The choice of this imager was not casual, but because of his long career. The image was blessed in April 2000, and that year it went out in procession, replacing the Christ of Forgiveness. Also in 1998 the brotherhood realized that its itineraries were not the most suitable, because they passed through depopulated areas, and decided to create new ones that, perhaps with some variant, are the current ones.

In the year 2008 Our Father Jesus Nazarene, known by the roqueteros affectionately as the Nazarene changed another made of dark wood, giving more solemnity to the procession, and the previous throne became used in the trials of brotherhood.