A mosque is the building in which Muslims worship God. Throughout Islamic history, the mosque was the centre of the community and cities formed around this central building. Today, especially in Muslim countries, mosques are practically in every corner, providing Muslims with five daily prayers. In the West, mosques are an integral part of Islamic centres that also contain facilities for community education and services.

There are mosques of all forms and sizes, different from one region to another depending on the density of the Muslim population in a given area. Muslims in the past, and even today, have made use of local craftsmen and architects to create beautiful and magnificent mosques.

There are, however, certain characteristics that are common to all mosques. Every mosque has a mihrab, a niche on the wall that indicates the direction to La Meca, the direction to which the Muslims pray. Many mosques have a pulpit from which an Islamic scholar can give a sermon or speech.

This mosque is defined by daily prayer.