Mezquita y Centro Cultural As-Salam

Since 2005 in this place where Muslims gather in assembly to perform the religious service of prayer (salat).

There are different types of mosques, with many architectural configurations.

Although in Spain there are some large mosques with alminars, the most common thing is to find us with medium-sized mosques in which the Friday prayer is preferred, and others, of smaller dimensions, usually located in spaces that were not previously intended for that purpose (which is generally called oratory).

As characteristic traits common to all mosques we find ourselves: a niche (mihrab) that indicates the direction of the Caaba (village) and which marks the orientation from which the collective prayer and a pulpit (minbar) is conducted, which can be mobile or fixed, from where theimamdirects the jutba or sermon

The prayer is preceded by the call to the same one that can be made from the aminar. This is a tower-shaped structure, characteristic of larger mosques.

In this centre prayers are put into practice and Arabic language teaching is offered.