Parroquia de San Juan Bautista

The Parroquial Church of San Juan Bautista is located in the heart of the Barrio de Las 200 Viviendas, between the streets Puerto de la Ragua, Sorbas and Senes, having the main access for the first two, in the Almerian municipality of Roquetas de Mar.

It is a building of minimalist lines, intended for use as Parish and Church, with several accesses from its exterior.

The building is divided into two areas, the temple that is located on the ground floor with direct access from the street level and from the dependencies of the semi-basement where the parish units are located. Both plants have their own access to differentiate and facilitate their independent use.

The inner height is 10 m in the celebrative classroom, which externally reaches a maximum height of 12 m that allows the PGOU.

It stands out for its modern design in the form of a cube and its large steel cross, the reinforced concrete is the main protagonist on the outside and the interiors finished with wood and natural stones.

Location: Barrio de las 200 casas, Roquetas de Mar, Almería.

Promoter: Obispado de la Diocese de Almeria