SUVET Clínica Veterinaria and Domicilio

Looking for a veterinary team committed to the health and happiness of your pet?

Don't look any longer! At SUVET, we have raised veterinary care to a higher level, directly in the comfort of your home!

  • Experience and Passion to the Service of Your Pets. Our veterinary experts, with years of practice in consultation and surgery, merge their passion for animals with the most advanced medical technology. From preventive care to surgical interventions, we are here to give your pet the attention it deserves.

    Do you need digital x-rays or X-rays for your pet? We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for accurate and rapid diagnostics!

    And that's not all, at SUVET we also have our own laboratory, which allows us to get test results quickly and efficiently, facilitating the diagnostic and treatment process.

  • More than a Consultation, an Experience. At SUVET, we not only take care of your pets, but also take care of you. Our commitment to unbeatable customer service distinguishes us. We want you to be part of the SUVET family, understood and accompanied in every step of the way.
  • Your Time Right: Preview To Avoid Wait. At SUVET, we value your time. With our previous appointment system, forget about unnecessary expectations. Organize your day efficiently and enjoy timely and personalized attention when you most need it.

At SUVET Clínica Veterinaria, each lamido, each rumination and each tail moving with joy are our greatest reward.

Trust us to take care of your pet.