Mercado Municipal de Abastos de Roquetas de Mar

The proposal for its refurbishment was to recover and enhance the privileged character of its situation and become a new meeting point and meeting of the roqueteros and the large number of visitors from the outside. On the one hand, revitalize the atmosphere of exchange and trade that the city had throughout history - with the activities of salt, fishing and more recently the horticultural activity- and where the market is the point where these products are marketed and acquired.

On the other hand, be the place where not only are shown and displayed, but they are to be known and can be enjoyed and tasted such products and services, all in a new multifunctional space that recovers the most characteristic element of the old market- the cover- and that incorporates elements such as the light of the Mediterranean, the union between the outer and the interior spaces, the symbiosis between the traditional and the contemporary, the mix of representative uses of leisure and leisure.