"EBO Modas" is a fashion store in Roquetas de Mar that is distinguished by its innovative philosophy and its differentiated system. With more than 4 decades of experience, we offer a wide variety of clothing and fashion accessories for women of all ages, always at the latest trend and at the best price. We receive new merchandise every week, even during the period of sales, which allows our clients to always find something new and fresh in our shop. We are proud to offer trend and fashion at very competitive prices, and to offer an exclusive selection of garments with only one garment by model and color for our clients to feel unique. In addition, we have a wide variety of accessories and high quality jewellery in rodied silver and circonite. For mothers and their daughters, we also offer a line of women's children's clothing from 4 to 14 years. "EBO Little Girls" is a special line for girls who want to look as elegant as their moms. Get closer to our store in Roquetas de Mar and discover all the new features and trends that come treading hard in fashion.