Siempre Viva Moda

Welcome to Always Live Fashion in Mojácar. We are a clothing store with a unique and special touch, inspired by plants with the same name. I am Carmen Tomé, illustrator and founder of Always Viva Mojácar. Our goal is to offer high quality garments with a perfect combination of colors and silhouettes. We use organic cotton to make most of our garments, except cow jackets. Our clothes are designed for women who love animals and nature, who seek to find their balance in the world.

The image of the Mojaqueras with their firm and transparent look, as well as the scarves that cover part of their face, are a reflection of our vision. In Always Viva Moda, you will find shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, bags, backpacks and high quality cowboy jackets. We appreciate your support and hope to see you soon in our shop in Mojacar.