Barco Pirata - Anne Bonny

Looking for a unique and fun way to get to know the coast of Almeria and Roquetas de Mar? The Pirate Boat Anne Bonny is the perfect choice for you! Built in 1905, this boat is a classic cookie that has been carefully renovated to maintain its original style and offer an unforgettable experience to its passengers. Her name refers to the first pirate woman in the history of navigation, a woman named Anne Bonny who became famous for her courage and ability to handle the guns.

The Pirate Boat Anne Bonny is unique in its type and still remains in operation on the coast of Almeria. His original helmet, made of steel, allowed him to transport goods through the frigid waters of the Norwegian rivers during his first years of life. It was subsequently transformed into a motorboat and finally into a sailboat or gulet in France. Despite these changes, the boat has maintained its shape and distribution.

Throughout the summer and winter, the Barco Pirata Anne Bonny will offer walks along the coast of Roquetas de Mar for an hour and a half. You can enjoy a pleasant walk in the morning or in the afternoon and, if you are lucky, you can see dolphins, tuna and boba turtles.

The Barco Pirata Anne Bonny is a classic cookie built entirely in cross-sectional steel. Despite being updated over time, it maintains its original shape and distribution and is an ideal space to enjoy unforgettable walks along the bay of Almeria. What do you expect to join us on a boat ride through Roquetas de Mar or Almería?


  • Departure hours: (THE DAYS)
    • Morning: 12:00
    • In the afternoon: 19:00h and 20:15h
  • Prices with included I.V.A and travel insurance are:
    • Adults:15€
    • 3-8 years: 10€
    • Under 3 years: Free
  • Tickets can be purchased in advance on the boat itself 15 minutes before the departure of each ride.
  • Please, don't forget to take your mask and comply with social distance measures during the walk.

We hope to have you aboard soon for a fun and safe boat ride along the coast of Almeria and Roquetas de Mar!