Karting Roquetas

In Karting Roquetas, we offer an exciting karts racing experience in Roquetas de Mar. Founded in 1991 by a family with business tradition in motor sport, our circuit has been a meeting place for fans and germs for the last generations of drivers in the province.

In addition, our circuit is also a popular attraction for tourists visiting the region, offering a fun and healthy activity in the unbeatable climatic conditions of the Almeria coast. With the expansion in 2004, a new circuit was installed in El Ejido, adding Karting Roquetas el Karting Copo. We offer a wide variety of activities with karts for adults and children, from individual rental to leisure-sport programs for groups.

In Karting Roquetas, we strive to offer programs aimed at incentive tourism, providing a sporty and relaxed environment to foster good relationships and group fun. If you are looking for an exciting karts racing experience in Roquetas de Mar, come visit us and experience the excitement of competition in our circuits!