Parque Público Municipal Los Bajos

The transformation of the former Netherlands Football Field in this large park has led to a large lung in the center of the City, still very lacking of shadows as the very small trees are, but with the possibility of doing several sports: basketball, basketball, petanca, skating, race, ping-pong.... also of games and entertainment for childhood and adolescence, possibility of comfortable walks, visit the nearby libraries


These are original and unique equipments that are also accessible and inclusive, with the aim of enabling children with reduced mobility to enjoy this recreational area. Specifically, it has been installedan inclusive vaivén along with other games such as double zipline, a sander excavator, a wallet, a vaivén, a rhododrome, a tent and an interactive pedagogical game, which for the first time is installed in Almeria and which promotes social interaction and physical activity.

In addition, it has avertical structure of climbing and a slide, artificial grass floor and continuous safety pavement, white and pink, typical colors of the Salinas de San Rafael.

A recommended place to visit and necessary for any city creating a healthy and very attractive space with the beautiful backdrop bullring.