Plaza de Toros

The Plaza de Toros de Roquetas, opened in July 2002, becoming one of the most modern squares in the national territory. It has a capacity of 7700 seats, equipped with a large service infrastructure such as horse yard, torils, chapel and even hospital. It is considered a third place due to its recent history Since its creation it has hosted an endless taurin celebrations, where they have been recognized figures of art of the tauromaquia. Inside it is the Taurino Museum, composed of five rooms: room one reception, where the public service counter and a small souvenir shop are located. Sala dos Roquetas de Mar, gives us information of the bullring and cumshots that have been celebrated. Room three tauromaquia, here we can find bullfighter costumes. Room four The tore, the field and the square are dedicated to explaining the national taurine history. Room five Projection and press rooms, sometimes used for concerts. Inside it has an endless number of bars, restaurants, shops, etc.

It also has a tourist information point, exhibition halls such as the renowned painter Juan Ibañez and recreational centres.