Puerto de Roquetas de Mar Pesquero y Deportivo

Within the municipality of Roquetas de Mar we find two Ports: Puerto de Roquetas de Mar (both fishing and sports) and Puerto Deportivo de Aguadulce.

The Port of Roquetas de Mar is located next to the municipality of the same name, and is the oldest in the town. Before its construction there were countless fishing boats that anchored in front of the town. After the beginning of the works in 1932 that finished four years later, different extensions were performed until their current state. The fishing industry was one of the growth engines of the municipality that has gone to a second plane behind the tourist and greenhouse crops.

It features a 50-metre morrow with a 4.5-metre limestone, accepting ridges ranging from 6 to 12 metres.

It has a lot of services, in addition to a wide tourist and hotel offer, mainly to the north of it in the vicinity of Puerto Deportivo, where we can schedule different maritime activities in the area.

To the south is the Puerto Pesquero, with various buildings to facilitate the work of the fishermen of the area. The main modalities are carried out with minor arts, siege and palangre, catching swordfish, octopus, hut, pretty or lobsters, among others.