Discover a unique gastronomic experience with Mediterranean flavors in its maximum expression. At the Miramar Restaurant, we will delight you with the best of our coasts: fresh fish, caught daily by our local fishermen, who will highlight the authentic flavors of the sea.

But that is not all, our passion for good food also leads us to offer the best meats from our saw, carefully selected to ensure incomparable quality.

And for those lovers of paellas and rice, at Miramar Restaurant we have a special delight for you. You can customize your paella or rice with the ingredients of your choice! From fresh seafood to tasty vegetables, you decide how to enjoy this classic Mediterranean dish.

Our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional gastronomic experience, in a welcoming atmosphere and with an impeccable service.

Come and experience unforgettable moments in the Miramar Restaurant! – FOURTH TO THE SEA

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