In RAKU RESTAURANT, our passion is to overcome your expectations in each bite.

From the Sea to your table: Our fresh fish, caught in the crystal clear waters of our coast, are the essence of authenticity and taste. Each dish is prepared with mastery to offer you the freshness and delight you deserve.

Meats that make history: Discover the unmatched flavor of our American Angus meats, Argentinian loins and succulent single-milles of Angus of Ireland. Each cut is selected with sermon and cooked perfectly to conquer even the most demanding palates.

Lifting the art of pairing: Our carefully selected collection of old vine wines and payment raises every gastronomic experience. Each cup is a sensory journey that perfectly complements each flavor and aroma on your plate.

In RAKU RESTAURANT, we not only offer you an exceptional meal, but also a welcoming atmosphere and a service that reflects our passion for making each visit an unforgettable moment.

Come and find out why we're much more than a restaurant.

We look forward to sharing excellence in every detail!